Islamic Sharia and democracy

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Muslim Brotherhood has won the most seats in Egypt’s recent parliamentary elections

America’s lexicon and political discourse have a new challenge. It is the word, Sharia.

Sharia is a comprehensive regime of laws

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Hate crimes hurt everyone

By: Dr. Aref Assaf

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Rutherford police monitor the Montross Avenue temple in Rutherford, NJ that was firebombed.

I am deeply troubled by the recent rash of hate and bias attacks on individuals and religious institutions in New

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Qatanani- Round II

Dr. Aref Assaf

Almost four years ago, a bittersweet victory was the outcome of a three-day trial in which a federal judge ruled in favor of Imam Mohammad Qatanani’s petition to become a permanent U.S. resident. Since 1999, U.S. immigration … Read More

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