Star Ledger Lead editorial: The Arab American Story

The Arab-American story

It is widely known that New Jersey has long been a gateway to America, luring people from all over the world in search of a better life. But even longtime residents may not realize that the Garden

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Text of Official Executive Order creating the Commission

Governor Jon S. Corzine

 State of New Jersey



WHEREAS, 1.2 million Americans are of Arab ancestry representing a highly diverse group, in ancestral country of origin, religion, and historic identity, which also shares a common … Read More

Muslim silence in the face of “Islamic terrorism”

Muslim silence in the face of “Islamic terrorism”

Aref Assaf

In the schism known as “clash of civilizations” famously coined by Samuel Huntington, which pits Islam against the Christian West, Muslims are supposed to be murdering Christians.

Alas, the recent

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