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The American Arab Forum is one of the leading Arab organizations in the NY tri state area. Since, 2004, we have led the way on important issues affecting the Arab and Muslim community. We are a destination for many in government, the media, and other public institutions seeking information, commentary, and positions on our core issues. We are cognizant of our challenging mandate to provide accurate and timely information and resources to and about the Arab-American community. Without a sustained and credible source for data, our community’s voice will not be heard by those who are empowered to make decisions on our behalf.

We are employing proven methods to develop and sustain a positive image of our community. It is not enough that we appreciate our self-worth, accomplishments, history, and culture. It is equally significant, that the larger American society recognizes our accomplishments, and our positive role in building a great society and a better world.

We hope you will want to share in our vision and we truly welcome your support and opinion. Through the vast experience of AAF staff, directors and executive leadership, we aim to integrate all available data, embark on new original research, and provide research papers and position statements on the following major topics:

Culture and religions
Civil and political rights
Middle East politics
Political empowerment
Speakers Bureau and Research Center

Please join us!


Aref Assaf, PhD
President, American Arab Forum

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