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Friday, December 15, 2017
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Featured Article: Revered imam to face deportation charges again


Eight years after a judge ruled in his favor, a revered Paterson cleric will return to court on Monday to once again fight deportation as federal authorities pursue allegations that he lied on his green card application about a conviction by Israeli authorities. Read More.


Featured Article: Why N.J. shouldn't block freedom of speech in Israeli boycott debate


New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that state lawmakers are currently considering two bills intended to abridge the freedom of speech.Assembly Bill 2940 conditions the receipt of state funding for higher education initiatives on an organization's agreement not to abide by boycotts or divestment campaigns related to Israeli human rights abuses, while Assembly Bill 925 prohibits the investment of New Jersey public retirement funds in such entities. Read More.



Look Back: The Slow Death of the U.S. Dollar


 There were many motives related to the Iraqi oil justifying the Bush administration's military intervention in Iraq. But the biggest one seems to be about the currency used to trade oil: the role of preserving the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The United States' status as the unrivalled global superpower has rested on two unchallengeable pillars. Read More.


  Misguided suit against imam

So center members accuse the imam of using $88,000 of the group's money for legal fees: Disgruntled as they may be, these members will burden us with unnecessary negative media focus while maintaining irreverence to our larger issues of discrimination and religious intolerance.Read More.


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