Update on the Arab Heritage Commission

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Update on the Arab Heritage Commission

Friends and supporters of the NJ Arab Heritage Commission:

Thanks to your tireless efforts, the pioneering endeavor to create the Arab Heritage Commission will be officially recognized late this month at a soon-to-be determined date and venue in North Jersey. All the commissioner-finalists in addition to distinguished community and public leaders will attend the event. We expect strong media coverage of the proceedings. The official invitations will be issued by the Governor’s office and we have offered to coordinate the various aspects of the event.

As Governor Corzine stated recently, the commission will play an important role in best projecting the great contributions of our culture and heritage. NJ will be the first in the nation to create such a governmental entity dedicated to the affairs of the Arab community. It is our hope the Governor will also dedicate October as the Annual Arab Heritage Month.

Having shared my vision with so many of you, we have submitted two important documents to the State. The first was the draft By-laws of the Commission and secondly, the draft of the Executive Order to be signed by the Governor. The final version of the Executive Order will be made known when the Governor signs it. The Commission has been our passion for the last four years and to see it come to fruition is indeed a source of limitless joy.

We have received several requests from various leaders from around the county seeking to learn more about the often behind the scene and cumulative work of the past four years.  We hope to soon celebrate the creation of a similar commission in other states.

We have received excellent resumes from many of you representing the very best and committed from our community. We have deliberately reached to some of you because of your unique potential to advance the commission’s objectives.

All the best,

Aref Assaf, PhD

American Arab Forum

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